SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Audubon Meet 10.11

2018-10-11 • 1 Mile

624 Participants • 314 Women • 310 Men

Average Time: 00:09:56
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationCat. PlaceFinish
4561Jacob B6th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE100:06:01.2
3692Jaeden B6th Grade BoysSALK200:06:02.8
4556Brady S5th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE100:06:45.4
2796Walter P6th Grade BoysLINWOOD300:06:46.0
1782Jonah M3rd Grade BoysINDIAN TRAIL100:06:48.3
3697Lucas R6th Grade BoysSALK400:06:51.3
4551Garrett C5th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE200:06:52.0
8301Boden J6th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE500:06:52.3
1828Skiahlar W4th Grade BoysINDIAN TRAIL100:06:53.1
8305Lucas R6th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE600:06:53.3
3678Mason W4th Grade BoysRIDGEVIEW200:06:54.4
3695Katelynn L6th Grade GirlsSALK100:06:55.9
423Joseph S6th Grade BoysBALBOA700:06:57.0
8308Austin S6th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE800:06:58.9
4528Christopher D4th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE300:06:59.1
2795Ryland K6th Grade BoysLINWOOD900:06:59.7
3663Abby S4th Grade GirlsRIDGEVIEW100:06:59.9
4525Peyton B4th Grade GirlsWOODRIDGE200:07:00.9
1572Alysha W6th Grade GirlsSALK200:07:01.9
417Zach S6th Grade BoysBALBOA1000:07:01.9
4552Makenzie F5th Grade GirlsWOODRIDGE100:07:03.0
401Jaden B5th Grade BoysBALBOA300:07:03.8
4553Dylynn G5th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE400:07:05.3
362Griffin R2nd Grade BoysBALBOA100:07:06.3
4567Owen G6th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE1100:07:09.0
415Ethan M6th Grade BoysBALBOA1200:07:11.6
4541Tristan L4th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE400:07:12.0
2767Joseph P5th Grade BoysLINWOOD500:07:12.7
3987Asher B3rd Grade BoysWESTVIEW200:07:13.9
4047Anthony G6th Grade BoysWESTVIEW1300:07:14.2
2928Travis T5th Grade BoysMADISON600:07:15.7
4037Czar Q5th Grade BoysWESTVIEW700:07:15.8
426Gabb W6th Grade GirlsBALBOA300:07:16.0
407Kell O5th Grade BoysBALBOA800:07:16.6
4507Gabriel C3rd Grade BoysWOODRIDGE300:07:17.2
4569Abigail I6th Grade GirlsWOODRIDGE400:07:17.5
2792Deakon F6th Grade BoysLINWOOD1400:07:17.8
2926Antonio H5th Grade BoysMADISON900:07:19.3
4531Morgan E4th Grade BoysWOODRIDGE500:07:19.9
2777Auryah H6th Grade GirlsLINWOOD500:07:20.2

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country Audubon Meet 10.11
Date: 2018-10-11
Location: Spokane, WA
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