SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country All City Meet 2018

2018-10-23 • 1/2 Mile

182 Participants • 85 Women • 97 Men

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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryaffiliationRankCat. PlaceFinish
4346Cash C1st Grade BoysSYSA1100:03:23.5
820Banx K1st Grade BoysHUTTON2200:03:25.4
1180Shalini B1st Grade GirlsGARFIELD3100:03:27.5
854Carter S1st Grade BoysFINCH4300:03:27.8
8471Malachi H1st Grade BoysST. MICHAELÍ„Ä’S ACADEM5400:03:29.2
2067Walter O1st Grade BoysROOSEVELT6500:03:29.3
4231Remmy F1st Grade BoysWHITMAN7600:03:31.8
819Soren M1st Grade BoysHUTTON8700:03:32.0
722Darien J1st Grade BoysCOOPER9800:03:32.3
2666Dave S1st Grade BoysLINWOOD10900:03:32.8
8461Isaac K1st Grade BoysTHE OAKS111000:03:32.9
259Kyler Q1st Grade BoysSIA121100:03:34.4
3079Elsebet L1st Grade GirlsMONTESSORI13200:03:34.7
8428Austin R1st Grade BoysST. THOMAS MORE/ASSUMPTION141200:03:36.7
1734Tomoya B1st Grade BoysHUTTON151300:03:37.3
254Henry V1st Grade BoysSIA161400:03:38.2
2135Owen C1st Grade BoysODYSSEY171500:03:40.9
4454Nathan B1st Grade BoysWOODRIDGE181600:03:41.9
2671Tyson S1st Grade BoysLINWOOD191700:03:42.4
4059Carter K1st Grade BoysWESTVIEW201800:03:42.8
334Emerson L1st Grade BoysBALBOA211900:03:43.3
257Levi G1st Grade BoysSIA222000:03:43.6
340Madeline S1st Grade GirlsBALBOA23300:03:43.7
2044Beckett B1st Grade BoysROOSEVELT242100:03:43.9
8384Devan B1st Grade BoysSPOKANE CLASSICAL CHRISTIAN252200:03:44.2
4436William S1st Grade BoysWILSON262300:03:44.3
249Jackson H1st Grade BoysSIA272400:03:45.1
8135Owen K1st Grade BoysJEFFERSON282500:03:45.9
8230Becca B1st Grade GirlsINDIAN TRAIL29400:03:47.7
1733Takuya B1st Grade BoysHUTTON302600:03:47.7
3068Elliot A1st Grade BoysMONTESSORI312600:03:47.7
4433Porter S1st Grade BoysWILSON322700:03:48.7
1843Elliot E1st Grade BoysJEFFERSON332800:03:48.9
4102Sullivan G1st Grade BoysWESTVIEW342900:03:49.2
8467Sapphira G1st Grade GirlsST. MICHAELÍ„Ä’S ACADEM35500:03:49.3
3092Estella D1st Grade GirlsMORAN PRAIRIE36600:03:50.0
1729Jensen J1st Grade BoysHUTTON373000:03:50.0
1845Parker F1st Grade BoysJEFFERSON383100:03:50.4
4345Evan F1st Grade BoysSYSA393200:03:50.7
3252Gik C1st Grade BoysMULLAN ROAD403300:03:50.8

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Name: SPS Active 4 Youth Cross Country All City Meet 2018
Date: 2018-10-23
Location: Spokane, WA
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