Rock 'n' Roll Savannah

2018-11-03 • Relay Half

784 Participants • 569 Women • 215 Men

Average Time: 02:28:19
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Comp.ViewBIBNameteamRanksplit1Official Time
41318Ryan SmithI'm with Drewpid100:39:17
42318Drew WadeI'm with Drewpid100:43:5701:23:14.0
41003Azelia Adams#Izzy and Ice200:44:5001:27:50.0
42003Matt Altenberg#Izzy and Ice200:43:0001:27:50.0
41063Joel MoriartyFAST AND FURIOUS300:46:0401:28:55.0
42063Rico EstradaFAST AND FURIOUS300:42:5101:28:55.0
41333Matthew AndersonSwole Patrol400:51:4301:32:12.0
42333Martin KotowskiSwole Patrol400:40:2901:32:12.0
41159Libby Le TourneauRock’n Hot Mama’s500:45:4301:40:12.0
42159Leanne IrvineRock’n Hot Mama’s500:54:2901:40:12.0
41335Jill GuthrieTeam Guthrie600:48:0201:42:15.0
42335John LambTeam Guthrie600:54:1301:42:15.0
41147Matt QuigleyQuigley700:55:2001:43:19.0
42147Greg QuigleyQuigley700:47:5901:43:19.0
41236Melissa RamseyTeam Ramcock800:51:5101:45:31.0
42236Colleen MorcockTeam Ramcock800:53:4001:45:31.0
41309Meg LegoBeauty and The Beard900:58:1101:46:31.0
42309Jesus SotoBeauty and The Beard900:48:2001:46:31.0
41045William EddinsCharlotte Women's Bond Club1000:44:5401:46:42.0
42045Brett BalasaCharlotte Women's Bond Club1001:01:4801:46:42.0
41081Nikos AthensGreek Warriors1100:45:2101:47:45.0
42081Sonia LanteigneGreek Warriors1101:02:2401:47:45.0
41233Estela MedinaTeam Mex Israel!1200:55:3001:49:41.0
42233Michael EmanuelTeam Mex Israel!1200:54:1101:49:41.0
41369Marc CameronLopesCameron1300:50:07
42369Emilia LopesLopesCameron1300:59:3601:49:43.0
41205Jessica MullStar Crunchers1400:56:4001:50:02.0
42205Lindsay MorrisStar Crunchers1400:53:2201:50:02.0
41158Michael RockRock N Rollin Family1500:48:3201:50:04.0
42158Sharon RockRock N Rollin Family1501:01:3201:50:04.0
41150Cecilia ArangoRed, White & Crew1600:55:5701:51:24.0
42150Timothy LancasterRed, White & Crew1600:55:2701:51:24.0
41274Bailey RisteenThis Race is BS1700:51:0701:51:38.0
42274Scott MattocksThis Race is BS1701:00:3101:51:38.0
41282Amanda EllingtonTwo Bad Mother Runners1800:57:3101:52:15.0
42282Aubrey-lindsey FutralTwo Bad Mother Runners1800:54:4401:52:15.0
41336Sophia MitchellTeam Mitchell1900:53:50
42336Dawn MitchellTeam Mitchell1900:58:5301:52:43.0
41086Lynda McclainHobbs'n round Savannah2001:02:5801:53:37.0
42086Judy WalkerHobbs'n round Savannah2000:50:3901:53:37.0

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Name: Rock 'n' Roll Savannah
Start Date: 2018-11-03
End Date: 2018-11-04
Location: Savannah, GA
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