Hanoi City Trail

2019-01-01 • 05km

246 Participants • 149 Women • 97 Men

Average Time: 00:54:45
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Comp.ViewBIBNameCategoryRankGender PlaceCat. Place4kOfficial Time
5271Vu Tien Viet DungM11100:17:4300:22:37.0
5102Tien DungM22200:19:0400:23:51.0
5142Le NhatM33300:19:0400:24:06.0
5257Tran van ThanhM44400:20:3100:25:27.0
5068Tran Minh TuanM55500:20:0700:25:32.0
5230Nguyen The NamM66600:21:0000:27:38.0
5080Le Xuan CanhM77700:21:3800:28:25.0
5222Pham La Hoang AnhM88800:23:0500:29:25.0
5223Pham Hoang TungM99900:23:0600:29:44.0
5077Nguyen Thi Huong ThaoF101100:23:3100:29:52.0
5018Nguyen The QuangM11101000:23:3500:30:02.0
5120Nguyen HoanM12111100:23:1500:30:30.0
5028Nguyen Tuan KhanhM13121200:24:3800:31:28.0
5237Nguyen Can Dinh PhongM14131300:25:5900:31:40.0
5025Pham Thi Thu HuongF152200:25:3300:31:45.0
5258Tran QuyM16141400:25:5700:31:57.0
5095Bui Thanh PhuongF173300:25:4200:32:02.0
5094Do Anh TuanM18151500:25:3700:32:05.0
5185Pham NhungF194400:26:2400:32:21.0
5219Nguyen Hieu MinhM20161600:25:5600:32:38.0
5285Phung Minh TuanM21171700:25:5800:32:39.0
5255Pham Khanh LuanM22181800:26:2000:33:47.0
5103Nguyen Thuy DungF235500:28:2100:33:50.0
5231Nguyen Thi LuanF246600:26:2600:33:55.0
5259Do NguyenM25191900:27:2900:34:18.0
5207Tong van HongM26202000:27:2200:34:22.0
5221Do La Viet NhatM27212100:27:4000:34:26.0
5003Trinh van ManhM28222200:28:1600:34:42.0
5181Nguyen Trong HungM29232300:27:4600:34:50.0
5272Ton Vu DinhM30242400:27:4400:34:56.0
5284Tran Minh QuanM31252500:28:0500:35:02.0
5001Pham Thi Kim AnhF327700:27:5400:35:24.0
5174Nguyen Binh GiangM33262600:28:3500:36:11.0
5002Dao Thuy DuongF348800:28:4600:36:25.0
5270Vu Tien Nhat CuongM35272700:28:5000:36:26.0
5145Tran Thi LuyenF369900:29:0200:36:39.0
5118Hoang UyenF37101000:29:5300:36:44.0
5126Phan Thanh HungM38282800:30:0800:37:12.0
5179Nguyen Ngoc KienM39292900:30:2000:37:14.0
5014Nguyen Linh TrangF40111100:30:0600:37:37.0

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Name: Hanoi City Trail
Date: 2019-01-01
Location: Hanoi, Viet Nam
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